MIAT continues the pioneering work that was started in 1999 which saw the arrival of a large contingent of scientists to Sri Lanka and the members of the World parliament for world peace.

Maharishi Institute of Advanced Technology is engaged in the teaching and distribution of courses in all fields of Maharishi's Science of Creative Intelligence and Technology as well as related courses in IT, Business Management, Psychology, Law, Personal Branding and various higher study programs either by the Institute or jointly with Universities and organize award of certificate to those who successfully complete such courses of study. MIAT (Pvt) Ltd is Incorporated in Sri Lanka and is the only authorized TM Institution in Sri Lanka.

From the seventies, Sri Lanka has had a vibrant TM movement culminating in a visit by the Maharishi who gifted the late President J.R Jayawardene with a bell of invincibility. In 1999 The Maharishi movement was known as the Maharishi University of Management Sri Lanka branch operating at Stamboul Place, Colombo 3 . It was inaugurated as a part of Maharishi Global Administration and was incorporated in Sri Lanka with a local and International Board of Directors . In addition to its regular members and student body that followed Advanced Consciousness Studies , such as, Ved in human physiology, Nadi vigyan etc., received from the Maharishi University in the Netherlands, It worked closely with Sri Lanka United Nations Fr org-SUNFO and had over fifty Hon.Members from among various disciplines in Sri Lanka, among whom were renowned Academics and Professionals.

In 1999 it organized the visit of around 50 Maharishi scientists to Sri Lanka to hold a series of public programmes held at the hotel Hilton. Later, members of the world parliament for world peace visited Sri Lanka who held sessions in Colombo and inaugurated a peace symbol after visiting the Sri Lanka parliament. Members including three Sri Lankans thereafter accompanied the others to visit several Asian countries in a private jet sent by the Maharishi. Maharishi activities now continue under the name Maharishi Institute of Advanced Technology -MIAT in Sri Lanka and also has a large global network. MIAT operates under the Faculty of Creative Studies of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology. The Faculty was declared open by Dr.Bevan Morris , President of Maharishi University, USA.

The main Maharishi University of Management in USA which we recommend to our students, especially for those aspiring to become full time teachers for their higher studies, is included in The international Handbook of Universities- UNESCO, accepted by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka.

The University in USA is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.The Higher Learning Commission is recognized by the US Department of Education and the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).The University's business programs (B.A., MBA, and Ph.D.) and MA Vedic Studies, are accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)